Every penis is beautiful!

Every penis is beautiful!

A huge amount of guys can relate to comparing their penis sizes to porn stars especially while being younger. However, very few people have similar penis sizes to porn stars and the whole idea of larger penises being better in a way is utterly stupid. All of us ought to love the penises we have.

Obsession of penis size is highly abundant, and within the gay community even more so. It takes up a great portion of men's energy and time, yet we don't really have control over it. Many of us have been in the situation of seeking validation and guidance from the internet to our anxiety of am I enough.

This obsession should be forgotten. It's rather narrow to think as penises as a body part where "bigger would be better". That's like saying only blond guys are hot. We all know that good looking people can have whatever coloured hair, so why not try to apply the same to penises which happen to be splendid and wonderful in all colours, shapes and sizes. The size isn't everything the penis has to offer. Giggeli thinks it'd be great seeing all kinds of penises shown and celebrated in society. The action can start from something as small as bulges in underwear ads.

What message does the world give to men by being so focused on bigger members, and how does this affect people who can't get measure up to these beauty standards? We've become greatly more accepting when it comes to body positivity, by for example accepting tattoos and women with curves on a larger scale. We still have a lot of work to do, however, when it comes to evolving penis positivity to the same level as body positivity has developed in the past decade.




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