Penis Enlargement: Industry Built on Insecurities

Penis Enlargement: Industry Built on Insecurities

Porn sites are filled with targeted ads to men about penis enlargement. These advertisements claim that extender devices, pills, lotions, and other methods can expand penis size. Do these methods work?

Insecurities concerning penis size are a common cause of long-lasting anxiety. Some believe having a larger penis could enhance relationships and self-esteem and build confidence. Many men place much value on the size of their penis, which they think represents essential features such as vitality, fertility, stamina, and even bravery. Yet there has not been proven that there would be a relationship between penis size and these desirable traits. It has generated a multibillion-dollar market for male enhancement or penis augmentation. These include medications, creams, equipment, and surgery. There isn't an easy and fast way to enlarge the penis, and some treatments might be harmful. This text will examine the types, efficacy, and adverse effects of penile enlargement techniques in this blog.
Many males think that an erect penis typically measures more than 15.24 cm. This idea stems partly from several frequently quoted studies that used self-reported measures, which means approximately 15.75 cm for heterosexual men and significantly higher for gay men. Both volunteer prejudice and social desirability bias were present in these investigations. According to research, the average length of an erect penis is between 12.95 to 13.97 cm; however, after accounting for volunteer bias, it is likely closer to the lower end of this range. According to studies, most men wish their penis bigger , and some choose penile lengthening surgery. Numerous men want medical intervention to enlarge their penis. However, their penis is often already within the "normal" range. Multiple manufacturers claim that various products, including pills, lotions, and stretching tools, can extend the penis. Some men even consider having penis enlargement surgery which involves substantial risks and does not guarantee improved sexual satisfaction.

Because most people have penises that can do the two functions that the penis was designed to do—engage in sexual activity and urinate (pee) while standing—the problem is essentially one of perception. While many people periodically wonder if their penis size is normal, others have persistent and unpleasant worries about it that can interfere with their everyday lives (their work, relationships, and overall mood).

You can suffer from disorders like penile dysmorphophobia disorder (PDD) or tiny penis anxiety if you discover that your penis size anxiety negatively affects your life despite a doctor telling you that your penis size is normal.

A type of bodily dysmorphic illness is PDD (penile dysmorphophobia disorder). PDD patients think their penises are smaller than they are and believe that the penises of other persons are more galore. PDD can result in sadness and even erection-related issues.

Anxiety might take the form of SPA (slight penis anxiety). People with SPA worry that their penis is smaller than the norm, which causes them to feel anxious in situations where someone might view their genitalia (such as in a locker room or during sex).

Here are different penis enlargement products:

Traction devices

By stretching the penile tissue, traction devices work to lengthen the penis. To gradually stretch the flaccid penis, place a weight or a little extended frame. In penis traction methods, the penis is tested with a device for a set number of days. It is highly appealing to think of a nonsurgical procedure that lengthens and corrects any penile curvature to produce gradual mechanical traction to the penis. Penile traction devices have received much attention recently, with numerous websites and advertisements claiming that these noninvasive techniques increase the penile size and straighten penile curvature. These devices typically comprise of two dynamic rods, a silicone band, and a support ring made of plastic. The gadget works by cradling the penis and applying gradual, mild traction pressures to it. This can be accomplished by periodically adding tiny metal extensions to the dynamic rods and cradle frame. Numerous commercially available penile traction or stretching tools can be easily found by searching for penis traction devices.

Many devices claim that they can offer impressive results; for example, one device claims results in little as three months: Clinical trial results for men using Product X for 2, 30-minute treatments/day for 12 weeks: 94% of men regain lost length, an average of 1.6cm or 11% and 77% of men experience a reduction in curvature, an average of 28% or 17°.
Some research has investigated the impact of traction devices. According to a study, the implants can extend the penis by up to 1-3 centimetres (cm). The penile traction device can be manageable and has few adverse effects; men are generally happy with it. Before traction devices can be accepted as a standard, more research is required to determine the ideal time of device application (6 or 8 h or longer), duration of the therapy (such as longer than six months of use), the efficacy of various PTT devices, and patient demographics. Ultimately, because of the lack of research and serious risks, we don't know exactly how useful and safe the extenders are.

Giggeli, Penis enlargement industry has been built on insecurities, Bigger penis with pills, lotions, surgery and extenders. Bodypositivity with candles and soaps


Various kinds of penis enlargement pills are marketed on porn sites and across the web, claiming they can give you a bigger penis. However, a cure can’t alter the anatomical features responsible for penis size, so a drug can’t get you a bigger penis. The advertisement and companies claiming to offer medications that would be able to enlarge a penis are scams.

Supplements with the promise of a bigger penis are penis enhancement pills. They often contain herbs, minerals, vitamins, and accessories. There is no scientific proof that they are effective. This is why: The corpus cavernosum, two tubes of spongy tissue, is found in the penis. This tissue stiffens and fills with blood during an erection before returning to standard size and appearance following an orgasm (or the erection out on its own). Your penis has a fixed amount of spongy tissue after puberty. That determines your erection's size; a pill cannot alter that. Some purported penile enlargement medications include chemicals that might hasten the onset of an erection or make it a little firmer but can’t enlarge a penis.

In reverse to pharmaceutical drugs, penis enlargement pills are not regulated by the government. There is no guarantee of what is in them, how the ingredients are sourced and what the quality is. Some medications might include substances such as Viagra, so there is an underlying risk of using these substances with other medical health conditions. But unless a medication is approved by health professionals, don't take it.

Giggeli, Penis enlargement industry has been built on insecurities, Bigger penis with pills, lotions, surgery and extenders. Bodypositivity with candles and soaps


Several different brands of lotions are sold online. Similarly, penis enlargement pills contain various vitamins, herbs, and supplements that claim to increase penis size. There’s no evidence they work. No health organisation regulates them, and therefore they include the risk of containing harmful chemicals and other substances that can harm your dear willy.  

The lotions simply do not work, and they are expensive.

Vacuum pumps

Erectile dysfunction is occasionally treated using penis pumps, also referred to as vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps can temporarily enhance penis size, contrary to certain advertisements that claim otherwise. Vacuum pumps, however, may harm the tissue or blood vessels in your penis, which might interfere with subsequent erections.

A penis pump works by using suction to take blood into the penis. The blood fills the blood vessels in the penis, causing them to swell, so the penis gets hard. Mild bleeding under the skin's surface can also result from too much air pressure in the cylinder. Therefore, you may not be a good candidate for penis pumps if you have a blood condition, use blood thinners, or have a history of blood clots.

Yet, it's good to keep in mind that very little or no correlation has been shown in penis enlargement with penis pumps, and your time and money can be used a lot more wisely.

Giggeli, Penis enlargement industry has been built on insecurities, Bigger penis with pills, lotions, surgery and extenders. Bodypositivity with candles and soaps


There are some surgical actions being taken to augment a penis:

  • Surgery to lengthen a penis (increase its length).
  • Surgery to enlarge the penis (increase its girth or circumference around the shaft).
  • Liposuction helps reduce belly fat, so a penis seems larger.

Different techniques are employed to make penises appear larger. To increase penile size or length, there are, however, very few reliable treatments. Marketing materials frequently include deceptive "before and after" images to entice potential customers. Commonly used techniques include:

Ligamentolysis: Surgically severing the suspensory ligament that holds your penis to your pubic bone. The flaccid penis seems longer and hangs lower. 

Using your fat, a medical professional can extend the circumference of your penis by liposuctioning fat from your body and injecting it there.

Dermal fillers are used to enlarge the penis. Your doctor will inject the fillers under your penis' skin (subcutaneously). These vary in terms of safety. 

Suprapubic fat pad removal surgery: For males who have a "hidden" penis, the fatty tissue surrounding the penis is surgically removed. Your penis doesn't get more prominent as a result, but the tissues surrounding it get smaller, allowing you to see your penis' total length.

There are also types of surgeries that promise a lot more than above. However they come with their own serious risks and during the first few weeks after the operation, you can feel pain with erections and a loss of penile feeling. Most kinds of penile enlargement procedures come with several dangers or drawbacks, such as:

  • A negative response to anaesthesia.
  • An inflammatory response or scarring.
  • Need more surgery that can result in the penis becoming shorter.
  • A kink or bend in the new penile form brought on by scarring.
  • Loss of feeling or discomfort in your penis
  • erection problems.
  • Acquiring is acquiring a disease.
  • You are displeased with the outcome (the penis is not as big as you expected).

Giggeli, Enlargement industry has been built on insecurities, Bigger penis with pills, lotions, surgery and extenders. Bodypositivity with candles and soaps

Here's a table of different penis enlargement methods, their associated risks, and whether or not they are effective:

Penis Enlargement Method Risks Involved Effectiveness
Penis Extenders Pain, discomfort, skin irritation, potential nerve damage May provide a slight increase in length over time, but results are typically minimal
Penis Pumps Risk of injury, temporary swelling or discoloration, potential nerve damage May provide a temporary increase in length and girth, but results are typically short-lived
Penis Weights Risk of injury, discomfort, potential nerve damage No scientific evidence to support effectiveness, and may actually cause damage to the penis
Penis Enlargement Surgery Risk of infection, scarring, permanent damage, and other surgical risks Can provide a significant increase in length and girth, but carries significant risks and should only be considered as a last resort
Herbal Supplements Risk of allergic reaction, interactions with other medications, false advertising No scientific evidence to support effectiveness, and may actually be harmful to overall health
Lifestyle Changes None While there is no "quick fix," lifestyle changes such as weight loss, regular exercise, and a healthy diet can lead to improved overall health, including improved sexual function


It's worth noting that the penis is a complex and delicate organ, and many so-called "penis enlargement" methods are unproven or even dangerous. Before attempting any sort of penis enlargement method, it's important to speak with a qualified healthcare professional and carefully weigh the risks and benefits.

Male insecurity regarding size has existed for a long time, and modern porn that normalises the body image of a vast penis hasn't helped men develop a more realistic, accepting attitude toward their penises and sex. Hence, the penis enlargement industry has emerged, such as it is. In extremely many circumstances, men experience that they feel their genitalia are insufficient. If concerns about your body image prevent you from being fully yourself in the bedroom, you may develop body dysmorphia. Consultation with a mental health specialist who can assist you in resolving those concerns is a brilliant idea with the possibility of offering more confidence, a better sex life, and happier life overall.

The penis enlargement industry is built on male insecurities, and it’s a vast industry targeting advertisements, especially on porn sites. Porn offers a minimal image of penis size and shape, causing anxiety on penis appearance. Usually, during puberty, when people are incredibly insecure about themselves and are around the same age, they are introduced to porn, where some might see erect penises for the first time. The porn industry represents a hugely misleading body and penis image.

There are no guarantees when it comes to increasing the size of your penis. Most solutions may not be long-term safe and have scant evidence to support them. It's common to worry about your penis size, but there are a few solutions that might put your mind at ease:

  • Recognise what is typical. People's concerns can stem from a false idea of the size of the average penis. According to studies, the average penis is around the size of five inches. Dependable source: Most males who sought therapies for penile enlargement had average-sized penises, according to the study. Without aesthetic procedures, people may feel better after learning what is expected.
  • Weight control. Your penis may be partially covered by excess abdominal fat, which will shorten it. A healthy diet and regular exercise may be helpful. Additionally, it can improve your attitude, confidence, and endurance. Communicate with your partner. 
  • Talking about insecurities with a partner might be challenging, but it can deepen closeness and connection. You could be shocked by how good communication affects your sexual life and makes you and your partner come closer together.
  • Speak with a counsellor or medical expert. It's common to feel dissatisfied with your sex life or penis size. Your ability to deal with any insecurities and enhance your sex life can be improved by speaking with a licensed counsellor, sex therapist, or psychologist. Speak with a healthcare expert about your options, safety, and effectiveness if you have concerns about function or are interested in penile enlargement procedures.

There isn't a proven non-surgical way to enlarge your penis.

However, you may learn to work with what you've got by:

  • keeping your pubic hair short;
  • eating healthily;
  • learning to use sex positions that allow you to feel different sensations.

    The idea that penis size would matter in anyway is built into our subconscious by media, porn and society in general. Everyone is unique, and thats something to embrace. 

    About the writer:
    The Giggeli Project creates penis shaped design objects to break taboos and provoke discussion on genitalia. The idea behind the project is to create products that playfully highlight everyday issues and make us think differently about them.


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