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What is Big Dick Energy?

What is Big Dick Energy?

Big Dick Energy is defined: Confident self-assurance without arrogance.

The term "Big Dick Energy" (BDE) has gained popularity as a meme, but it's much more than that. In essence, BDE is a specific type of self-assuredness and confidence that some people exude, regardless of physical characteristics. This blog will explore what BDE means and why it emotionally impacts so many people.

The Origins and Meaning of Big Dick Energy

The phrase was first coined by music critic and journalist Ariana Lenarsky, who referred to the late Anthony Bourdain's "huge dick energy" in a Twitter post. Lenarsky defined this energy as "self-assurance without arrogance," "never misdirected," and "knowing your worth." Since then, the phrase has developed into a generally cool, calm, and collected attitude.

Big Dick Energy as a Reflection of Cultural Norms

BDE is not just about physical genitalia but is more about mentality than anything else. It mirrors our social and cultural conventions and is a reaction to a culture that values strength, assertiveness, and self-assurance, especially among men. However, one could argue that BDE contributes to the negative propagation of gender stereotypes, assuming that physical characteristics like genitalia are directly related to personal power, which can harm people who don't fit these norms.

On the other hand, BDE can also be considered a challenge to these standards. It stands for defiance of conventional gender stereotypes and a celebration of confidence and self-assurance, regardless of physical characteristics. It states that everyone can have the same cool, calm, and collected energy that we associate with Big Dick Energy, and personal power originates from the inside.

"Big Dick Energy is a celebration of confidence and self-assurance, regardless of physical characteristics."

Developing BDE starts with realizing that one's power originates from within and appreciating oneself without regard to outside approval or societal norms. Personal development and self-improvement are essential for building BDE. Setting and completing objectives, engaging in self-care, and strengthening one's self-awareness are a few examples of achieving this.

A good attitude and a positive mindset are crucial components of developing BDE. This includes changing unfavourable perceptions into favourable ones, cultivating thankfulness, and emphasizing one's accomplishments and strengths rather than flaws and shortcomings. It's also important to surround oneself with upbeat, helpful individuals that inspire and motivate, such as close friends, relatives, mentors, and coworkers who have similar values and aspirations.

Accepting responsibility for one's actions and judgments is another essential component of developing BDE. This means taking responsibility for errors and making deliberate judgments consistent with one's values and objectives. It also means being honest and vulnerable and staying true to oneself in all aspects of life, even when it's complicated.

Developing Big Dick Energy: Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Realize that your own power comes from within: Realizing that self-assurance and confidence originate from within is the first step in building Big Dick Energy. Without looking for outside acceptance or conforming to social conventions, you must value yourself and your worth. 
  2. Set boundaries: It's essential to do so, as well as to stand up for yourself and accept accountability for your decisions and actions. You can cultivate self-respect and assertiveness, two essential elements of Big Dick Energy, in this way. 
  3. Put an emphasis on your own growth and improvement: Important elements of personal growth include setting and completing objectives, practising self-care, and increasing self-awareness. You can grow confident and feel in control of your life by working to be the best version of yourself. 
  4. Cultivate a positive attitude and mindset: Developing a positive mindset requires cultivating gratitude, highlighting your accomplishments and qualities, and turning negative perceptions into positive ones. In the face of obstacles and disappointments, this results in persistence and tenacity. 
  5. The importance of surrounding yourself with supporting, encouraging, and motivating individuals cannot be overstated. Friends, family, mentors, and coworkers who share your values and objectives can be included in this list. 
  6. Take responsibility for your actions and choices: You may build trust, respect, and personal authority by taking accountability for your mistakes, acting to make them right, and making intentional choices that are consistent with your beliefs and goals. 
  7. Take risks and embrace honesty and vulnerability: Being true to yourself and doing so can help you build resilience, confidence, and a strong sense of personal power.  

Remember that Big Dick Energy about mentality, and it's a reflection of your inner strength and personal power. In conclusion, BDE is both a problem and an uplifting idea. It illustrates the complexity of our societal and cultural norms and how we negotiate and challenges those norms as individuals. It encourages us to value inner assurance and self-assurance and to respect who we are instead of how we appear or what we're supposed to be according to society.

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What’s been said about who coined the term big dick energy – Thats absolutely wrong. The term was coined way back before even social media were an idea, bearly sprouted, he came with that term. Google “the essence of big dickness” and find out


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