Our Story

Our Story

We both know exactly what it is like to have insecurities with your own penis. Insecurities can be anything related to the size, shape or even the views of the genitalia in society and media. We saw these insecurities as a problem in our society and a barrier to the openness of ourselves and our bodies so we decided to go on a mission of destigmatising the penis.

Society's views around the phallus have never been constant. During ancient Greece and Rome, as it can be observed from statues with rather small penises, beauty standards in society were actually quite opposite to what is considered desirable today. We try to unwrap whose penises are seen as more attractive in society as we truly believe that each and every one is glorious. Big or small doesn't matter as much as the fears men have carried in their heads.

We are embracing these thoughts and ideas around dismantling the taboos the penis has carried and this is how and why the Giggeli project exists. Through bringing genital elements into living spaces, we believe that we can raise awareness on genital self-image and lower the barrier to discuss different types of insecurities. You are deeply welcomed to join our mission by honouring your home with a Giggeli! 



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