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Beyond the Taboo: Giggeli's Mission for a Genital-Positive Future

We, the Giggeli community, declare our mission to promote genital openness, acceptance, and positivity. Our aim is to break down barriers, spark conversations, and celebrate the beauty of our diverse bodies.

We stand united in our commitment to the following principles:

  1. Celebrate Diversity: We embrace the uniqueness of all genitalia, recognizing the vast spectrum of shapes, sizes, and appearances. We celebrate these differences as a testament to the incredible variety of human bodies.

  2. Disrupt Societal Norms: We challenge the harmful norms and expectations that perpetuate genital insecurities. We strive to create a new narrative where all genitalia are accepted and celebrated, free from shame and judgment.

  3. Foster Open Dialogue: We encourage honest and open conversations about genitalia, using humor and creativity to break down taboos and promote understanding. By talking openly, we pave the way for a more inclusive and accepting society.

  4. Spread Education and Awareness: We commit to educating ourselves and others about genital health, anatomy, and diversity. By empowering individuals with knowledge, we help to combat insecurities and misinformation.

  5. Support Mental Health and Well-being: We recognize the connection between genital insecurities and mental health challenges. We're proud to donate a portion of our profits to mental health causes, acknowledging the importance of addressing the emotional impact of genital insecurities.

  6. Embrace Body Positivity: We practice and promote body positivity for all genitalia, fostering self-love and acceptance. Our playful and beautiful products serve as a reminder to celebrate the beauty of the human body, in all its forms.

  7. Advocate for Change: We work tirelessly to create a more accepting and genital-positive culture, influencing policy, education, and media representation. We believe that, together, we can make a lasting impact on societal attitudes and norms.

As the Giggeli community, we are united in our mission to promote genital openness and celebrate the beauty of our diverse bodies. We invite you to join us on this journey, spreading joy, acceptance, and positivity one penis candle and soap at a time.

Throughout history, societies have often perpetuated the notion that genitalia and certain aspects of the human body should be hidden, considered taboo, or even shameful. This culture of shame has been fueled by a variety of factors, including religious beliefs, social norms, and the media's portrayal of the "ideal" body.

The shaming of genitalia has had negative consequences on individuals' self-esteem, relationships, and mental health.

People have been conditioned to feel embarrassed about their bodies and to judge others based on physical appearance. This shaming creates a culture where open and honest discussions about genitalia are rare, and misinformation and myths are common.

Furthermore, the media often promotes unrealistic expectations of what genitalia should look like, leading to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity for those whose bodies do not fit these narrow ideals.

In turn, this can result in negative body image, anxiety in intimate situations, and avoidance of intimacy altogether.

The shaming of genitalia and other body parts is a significant barrier to achieving a more open and accepting society. By confronting this shaming head-on, we can work towards creating a culture where all bodies are celebrated and embraced, regardless of size, shape, or appearance.

Through initiatives like Giggeli, we can challenge the status quo and promote a more inclusive and accepting environment for all. By encouraging open dialogue, providing education, and advocating for change, we can help break down the barriers that have held people back from embracing the full spectrum of human genitalia. In doing so, we can create a world where everyone feels confident, proud, and unashamed of their bodies.

Genital self-image is a complex issue, deeply ingrained in our cultural consciousness.

Our self-esteem is often influenced by our genitalia, and negative perceptions can have lasting effects on our mental health and relationships. It's essential to challenge these societal norms and reframe the conversation around genital diversity and acceptance.

The media's portrayal of genitalia can exacerbate feelings of insecurity by perpetuating unrealistic expectations. Constant exposure to idealized images can skew our perceptions, leaving us feeling inadequate or abnormal. In turn, this fosters a culture of comparison and competition, where people constantly measure themselves against others.

Penis size is often the subject of jokes and ridicule, contributing to a toxic environment where those who don't fit the mold feel ostracized or shamed. This shaming is harmful and perpetuates a culture of negativity and insecurity. It's crucial that we recognize the impact of these jokes and work to create a more inclusive and empathetic society.

It's also essential to question the historical and cultural influences that have shaped our current attitudes towards genital size. Throughout history, perceptions of genitalia have varied widely, demonstrating that these beliefs are not universally constant. By understanding the fluidity of societal norms and recognizing the arbitrary nature of these standards, we can begin to challenge the status quo and create a more accepting environment.

Genital self-image is a crucial aspect of overall self-esteem, and it's vital that we work together to create a society where all bodies are celebrated and accepted.

By promoting open conversations about genitalia, advocating for genital diversity, and challenging harmful norms, we can create a world where everyone feels confident and secure in their own skin.

About the writer:
The Giggeli Project creates penis shaped design objects to break taboos and provoke discussion on genitalia. The idea behind the project is to create products that playfully highlight everyday issues and make us think differently about them.


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It’s refreshing to see a post celebrating diversity and challenging harmful societal norms. I hope this becomes a movement that inspires change :)


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